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Partnership in Diversify by Design is not business as usual. You’re part of a coalition, where many come together to achieve so much more than one organization can accomplish alone. It’s where lived experiences from those that have survived and thrived informs directionality; where programs that have been in place for decades are elevated and grown—rather than overshadowed, overlooked, or even worse, erased. It’s where gaps are filled and best practices are built upon in collaboration with those truly at eye level with the challenges that Black and Brown designers face across the design journey.

Be part of an industry-wide solution

Collaborate with coalition thought leaders across the private, public, and nonprofit sectors to solve diversity challenges—in your organization and for the design profession.

Leverage programs that work

Efficiently integrate D×D initiatives into your existing efforts for swift impact.

Strengthen your efforts

Deepen and expand diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging programs.

Get recognized as a leader

Gain exposure of partnership through coalition-wide campaigns.


Coalitions get it done, for all involved.

D×D’s two signature initiatives (to date) showcase the power of our coalition approach. And we’re just getting started.

Curriculum Kit

A program designed to give classroom educators and design professionals all the tools they need to introduce students grade 6–12 to design.


An experiential learning initiative focused on introducing design to Black, Brown, and Indigenous youth and increasing awareness of design as a career path.


The results speak for themselves

By partnering with D×D, Delta Dental of California and San Francisco State University School of Design have already provided 60 historically excluded design students the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with career professionals at the cutting edge of their craft, while bringing diverse lived experiences and lenses to industry process. What’s even better is they helped create D×D Intensives, an effective program that is being joined by others, accelerating the diversification of the design industry.

Together, we can.

In just one year, D×D has accomplished what most organizations take years to achieve. The secret sauce? The collective contributions of D×D’s Advisors, Partners, and Impact Collaborative—the managing entity that develops and orchestrates the D×D network. Also a coalition partner, the firm provides strategic guidance, research and planning; program facilitation, implementation, measurement; and holistic communications.

This frees up partners and advisors to focus on what they do best—applying their expertise, influence and resources towards achieving D×D’s shared goals. 

Corporations and Agencies

Partnership in D×D will help shape and strengthen your diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging commitments. Working with your internal teams, we can help integrate our initiatives into your existing efforts, learn from your successes, and help address the challenges you face.

Associations and Grassroots Organizations

D×D adds value for your stakeholders by demonstrating your commitment to diversifying the industry and offering members the opportunity to get involved through D×D initiatives.

Educational Institutions

Whether you’re an educational institution, or an organization that provides people of color opportunities to learn about design, D×D extends meaningful programs to your students. Our current initiatives offer a range of options from initial exposure and design as a career pathway to industry connections that lead to hands-on experience and mentorship.


D×D helps expand your reach and scale your efforts through collaboration with corporations, industry associations, educational institutions, and other D×D stakeholders.

Get started today.

We can wait to meet you.

Whether we can help you make the case to your organization or you'd like to spearhead an initiative, D×D is excited about what’s to come and welcomes your participation.

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