Sharon Oiga Joins the D×D Advisory Council

October 12, 2022

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The School of Design at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) — one of the most diverse public research universities in the nation  —  has been a DxD Partner since the coalition was established in 2020. The School is known for how well it prepares students for professional practice in Graphic and Industrial Design and, as a result, employers who prize creative innovation actively recruit UIC Design graduates. Sharon Oiga, Professor and the Chair of Graphic Design, is a major force behind the success of these students and we are proud to announce that she has joined the DxD Advisory Council.

When Sharon isn’t teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in design, typography, and thesis, she heads up a creative collaboration, Sharon and Guy, with her co-founder, Guy Villa Jr. It’s come full circle for Sharon at the School of Design. She earned BFA degrees in Graphic Design and Photography from UIC before receiving an MFA in Graphic Design from Yale University. 

Her passion for her work is clear. She’s consistently recognized through awards, publications, and exhibitions. A two-time recipient of major funding by Sappi Ideas That Matter, Sharon was also honored to receive the student-voted UIC Silver Circle Teaching Award and has written about her teaching in Designer Magazine, a UCDA publication. In March 2022, she was named in Design 50 by Newcity as one of the graphic designers shaping Chicago today.

In the design community, Sharon serves as Vice Chair of the Society of Typographic Aficionados, which holds the annual international TypeCon conference. Additionally, she is a Director of the Chicago Design Archive.

Sharon’s unique insights and experiences as an educator and design professional, who is immersed in the industry, will be a tremendous asset to DxD. Together, we’ll answer questions like: How can we make design education more accessible and inclusive for all and re-imagine how and where design is taught? How can meaningful apprenticeships and mentorships be built to support a successful design career for new graduates?

Because Sharon is on the ground working with students and clients every day, we are excited to hear her perspectives on how to bring those worlds together to create a more racially equitable industry.

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