A program that develops and supports collaborations between industry partners and institutions of higher education that serve historically excluded populations.

“We participate in D×D Intensives because we want to take action towards racial equity in the design industry. What continues to surprise us is the true reciprocity we experience each semester. Not only do we impact the journeys of future designers of color by providing opportunities to work collaboratively with professionals from our design team, but the students offer solutions to design challenges that the team simply didn’t see before. ”

Sarah Anderson

Head of Customer Experience &
Product Design, Delta Dental

“D×D Intensives is a shining example of how industry and educational institutions can create impactful opportunities for historically-excluded design students. They all walked away with industry experience, the beginnings of a professional network, and a fully applicable and transferable project for their portfolios. I’m advocating for the integration of this program into our curriculum, as well as every design school. It brings what students learn into practical terms while addressing the diversity gap head on.”

Mari Hulick

Director of Design Programs
San Francisco State University

Design= has engaged 500+ historically excluded youth to date

Over 90% of educator and student participants recommend Design=

Curriculum kit will be available at no cost in early 2023

By the end of 2023, Design= aims to reach over 15,000 youth


Addressing the gap.

A significant challenge faced by many design programs serving Black and Brown students is a lack of industry partnership opportunities, creating critical gaps in tangible experience and limiting crucial networking, internship, and employment opportunities.

Industry-wide systemic structures have created and supported hiring practices that directly contribute to the lack of racial diversity in the design and architecture professions. It’s these very practices that continue to hinder the creation of truly equitable and inclusive environments that will ultimately support, attract, and retain a diverse workforce. It's a vicious cycle that needs breaking.

In just three semesters, D×D Intensives' proven framework has already started to expand opportunities for students and catalyze change within industry design departments.


Breaking the cycle.

The program offers students industry experience that hones their critical thinking, teamwork, and collaboration skills; helps build their portfolios; and connects them to career designers, establishing those all-important initial threads of a network, while also giving industry the long overdue and much needed opportunity to embrace diverse perspectives and start the hard work of creating inclusive environments.


183 students, 53 industry mentors to date.

In partnership with forward-thinking organizations like San Francisco State University; Lehman College, CUNY; Delta Dental; and Workday, 183 students, 53 industry mentors, and 6 educators have participated in D×D Intensives over 6 cohorts.

The program has opened up crucial networking, internship, and employment opportunities for our student participants. At the same time, it has deepened how our industry partners understand and integrate diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging within their organizations.

And we're just getting started!


Join the fold.

If you're interested in helping us grow D×D Intensives by bringing it to your organization or educational institution, we'd love to hear from you.

Interested in joining us as a partner? Learn more about what our partnerships look like.

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